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Vincent Roca @ Inria

I'm permanent researcher, working at Inria, a French public research institute. Since 2013 I am part of the Privatics Inria research team that focuses on privacy. Before that, in 2000-2012, I was member of the Planete Inria research team whose goal was to carry out research in the context of protocol and applications for the Internet. I also spent three years, in 1997-2000, working as an Associate Professor in the Pierre et Marie Curie University (Paris 6), in the Network and Performances group.


October 2015: "Les Nouvelles Vagues" (France Culture) interview on privacy leaks in smartphones (see here for more information)

December 2014: Inria-CNIL press conference to introduce the latest results of the Mobilitics project (see here for more information)
October 2014: Awarded the 3rd Applied Research price of the FIEEC (see here for more information)

June 2014: Vincent's Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) public defense. (see here for more information)

January 2013: our RS+LDPC-Staircase proposal at 3GPP received the highest number of votes (1 more than RaptorQ)! (see here for more information)

Research topics

My new research topics are on privacy considerations, in particular for mobile devices and operating systems. Before that, I've spent a lot of time (and continue) working on robust content distribution techniques, and more precisely on transport protocols (e.g. FLUTE/ALC, FECFRAME) and forward erasure correction (FEC) codes (e.g. LDPC-Staircase, GLDPC codes).

Looking for something?

All my publications
Supports de cours (en Francais)
My open-source softwares:
  • because open, free AL-FEC codes and codecs matter
    You'll find there codecs for Application-Level Forward Erasure (AL-FEC) Codes. If you're interested by a commercial version, please contact me.
    If you're interested in FLUTE/ALC implementation. It is no longer maintained, but a famous commercial version is derived from this work and used worldwide by both broadcasters and terminal manufacturers... Please contact me for more information.
  • descr_stats
    A simple, independant, C-language tool for descriptive statistics that I wrote and use frequently (e.g. it's included in
  • bench
    An old but still useful, network performance evaluation environment that I wrote and used a lot some time ago.

You want to join me ? Here I am...

Inria Rhone-Alpes
655 avenue de l'Europe
38334 ST ISMIER cedex - FRANCE
phone: 04 7661 5216
and by email: vincent.roca at

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