I am a permanent researcher at INRIA Rhônes-Alpes in Privatics team. I am interested by security, privacy and cryptography. For more details visit my publication page..

I am strongly subscribing to the idea of free software and free documentation. I will try to put as many documents, sources, papers as I can. If you want something that I have done  send me an email, I will try to answer as fast as possible.


June 23th 2015

Talk at DSN 2015 (Rio de Janeiro) for our paper: The Power of Evil Choices in Bloom Filters. Work with my student Amrit Kumar.  

June 12th 2015

    Talk at the Coding, Cryptologie and Algorithms seminar  (Paris) on How to concretly exploit misused hash functions.

May 7th 2015

    Seminar at the LORIA on Google Safe Browsing

If you are looking for a Postdoc position or PhD Thesis, contact me !

Contact - Cédric Lauradoux

INRIA Rhône-Alpes

655 avenue de l'Europe



Phone number: +33 476 615 287

email: cedric.lauradoux arobase inria dot fr