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Mohamed Ali (Dali) Kaafar
INRIA Rhone-Alpes,

  kaafar AT inrialpes.fr

Research Projects

Autonomous Network Architecture


Open Networking Laboratory

Anomaly detection in overlay networks


Multi Service Access Everywhere


Network of Excellence in
Emerging Networking
Experiments and Technologies

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-Z. Li, G. Xie, J. Lin, Y. Jin, M. A. Kaafar, K. Salamatian, "On the Geographical Ptterns of a large-scale Mobile Video on-demand System", accepted in INFOCOM 2014, April 2014, Toronto Canada.

-A. Chaabane, Y. Ding, R. Dey, M. A. Kaafar, K. Ross, "A Closer look at Third-Party OSN Applications: Are they Leaking your Personanl Information?", accepted in Passive Active Measurement conference (PAM 2014), Los Angeles, 2014.

-G.Smith, R. Boreli, M. A. Kaafar, "A Layered Secret Sharing scheme for Automated Profile Sharing in OSN Groups", in the Tenth Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services (MobiQuitous 2013), Tokyo Japan, December 2013.

-A. Tiroshi, S. Berkovsky, M.A. Kaafar, T. Chen, T. Kuflik, "Cross Social Networks Interests Predictions Based on Graph Features", Accepted in ACM Recommender Systems Conference (RecSys), Hong Kong, September 2013.

-T. Launiger, K. Onarlioglu, A. Chaabane, E. Kirda, W. Robertson, M. A. Kaafar, "Holiday Pictures or Blockbuster Movies? Insights into Copyright Infringement in User Uploads to One-Click File Hosters", to appear in the Research in Attacks, intrusions and Defenses Symposium (RAID 2013). pdf

-M. A. Kaafar, S. Berkovsky, B. Donnet "On the Potential of Recommendation Technologies
for Efficient Content Delivery Networks" 
to appear in SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review CCR 2013. pdf

-A. Chaabane, E. De Cristofaro, M. A. Kaafar, E. Uzun "Privacy in Content-Oriented Networking: Threats and Countermeasures" to appear in SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review CCR 2013. pdf 

-G. Sarwar, O. Mehani, R. Boreli, M. A. Kaafar "On the effectiveness of Dynamic Taint Analysis for Monitoring Private Information on Android-based  Mobile Devices", to appear in SECRYPT 2013. pdf 

-T.Chen, A. Chaabane, P-U. tournoux, M.A. Kaafar, R. Boreli "How much is too much: Leveraging Ads Audience Estimation to Evaluate Public Profile Uniqueness", to appear in PETS 2013. pdf

-T. Chen, M. A. Kaafar, R. Boreli "The where and when of finding new friends: analysis of a location-based social discovery network", to appear in ICWSM 2013. pdf

-D. Wang, H. Park, G. Xie, S.Moon, M.A. Kaafar, K.Salamatian, "A Genealogy of Information Spreading on Microblogs: a Galton-Watson-based Explicative  Model", Accepted in IEEE Infocom 2013. pdf

-M. Cunche, M A Kaafar, R. Boreli, "Linking Wireless Devices Using Information Contained in Wi-Fi Probe Requests", accepted for publication in the Pervasive and Mobile Computing journal PMC 2013.

-Yonggong Wang, Gaogang Xie, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Steve Uhlig, "LMD: a local minimum driven and self-organized method to obtain locators", to appear in the 18th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 2013.

-A. Seneviratne, K. Thilakarathna, S. Seneviratne, M. A. Kaafar, P. Mohapatra, "Reconciling Bitter Rivals: Towards Privacy-Aware and Bandwidth Efficient Mobile Ads Delivery Networks", In the International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS 2013), January, 2013. pdf

-Z. Li, J. Lin, M. Akodjenou, G. Xie, M. A. Kaafar, Y. Jin, G. Peng, "Watching Videos from Everywhere: a Study of the PPTV Mobile VoD System", In ACM/Usenix Internet Measurement Conference (IMC 2012). pdf

-L. Jacquin, V. Roca, M. A. Kaafar, F. Schuler, J. L. Roch, "IBTrack: An ICMP Black holes Tracker", Accepted in Globecom 2012. pdf

-T. Chen, M. A. Kaafar, A. Friedman, R. Boreli, "Is More Always Merrier? A Deep Dive Into Online Social Footprints", In ACM SIGCOMM WOSN 2012. pdf

- A. Chaabane, M. A. Kaafar, R. Boreli, "Big Friend is Watching You: Analyzing the tracking capabilities of online social networks", In ACM SIGCOMM WOSN 2012. pdf

-C. Castelluccia, M. A. Kaafar, M. D. Tran, "Betrayed by Your Ads! Reconstructing User Profiles From Targeted Ads", In PETS 2012, July 2012 Vigo, Spain. pdf

-Y. Wang, G. Xie, M. A. Kaafar, "FPC: A self-organized greedy routing in scale-free networks", In the 17th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 2012.

-M. Cunche, M. A. Kaafar, R. Boreli, "I know who you will meet this evening!
Linking wireless devices using Wi-Fi probe requests" In the IEEE International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2012) San Francisco, 2012. pdf Best Paper Runner-Up.

-A. Chaabane, G. Acs, M. A. Kaafar, "You Are What You Like! Information leakage
through users’ Interests" In The Network & Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS 2012), San Diego, 2012. pdf

-B. Donnet, B. Gueye, and M. A. Kaafar. Path similarity evaluation using bloom filters. In The International Journal of Computer and Telecommunications Networking (Computer Networks2012. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2011.11.003

-C. Castelluccia, E. De Cristofaro, A. Francillon, M. A. Kaafar
"EphPub: Toward Robust Ephemeral Publishing" In Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP 2011), 2011. pdf

- Daniele Perito, Claude Castelluccia, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Pere Manils. "How Unique and Traceable are Usernames" In the 11th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium(PETS 2011), Waterloo CA 2011. (Best Student Paper Award) pdf

- Ingmar Poese, Steve Uhlig, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Benoit Donnet and Bamba Gueye, "IP Geolocation Databases: Unreliable?" in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review CCR, 41(2), April 2011.

- S. Leblond, A. Chaabane, P. Manils, M.A. Kaafar, C. Castelluccia, A. Legut, W. Dabbous, "One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch: Exploiting P2P Applications to Trace and Profile Tor Users", in USENIX Workshop on Large Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats (LEET'11), Boston, April 2011.

- A. Chaabane, P. Manils, M.A. Kaafar, "Digging into Anonymous Traffic: a deep analysis of the Tor anonymizing network", in Proceeding of the IEEE Conference on Network and System Security (NSS), Melbourne, September 2010. pdf

- C. Boucetta, M. A. Kaafar, M. Minier. How secure are secure localization protocols in WSNs. Accepted in the International ICST Conference on Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Systems and Software, S-Cube,Miami, December 2010.

- M.A. Kaafar, P. Manils. "Why Spammers should thank Google", In Proceedings of the ACM workshop on Social Network Systems (SNS 2010), Paris, April 2010. pdf

- S. Le Blond, A. Legout, F. Lefessant, W. Dabbous, M.A. Kaafar, "Spying the World from your Laptop− Identifying and Profiling Content Providers and Big Downloaders in BitTorrent", USENIX Workshop on Large Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats (LEET'10), San Jose, CA, April 2010. pdf

- P.Manils, A. Chaabane, S. Le Blond,M. A. Kaafar, C. Castelluccia, A.Legout, W.Dabbous, "Compromising Tor Anonymity Exploiting P2P Information Leakage", Presented in ACM Hot Topics in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Berlin, July 2010. ACM. 

- B. Donnet, B. Gueye, M. A. Kaafar, "A survey on Network Coordinates Systems, Design and Security", To be published in the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 2010. pdf

- M.A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, K. Salamatian, C. Barakat, T. Turletti and W. Dabbous. Tracking Relative Errors in Internet Coordinate Systems by a Kalman Filter. 26 pages, in Kalman Filter, Intech Edition. Edited by Vedran Kordic, ISBN 978-953-307-094-0, Publishing date : May 2010.

- S. Leblond, P.Manils, A.Chaabane, M. A. Kaafar, A. Legout, C.Castelluccia, "De-anonymizing BitTorrent users on Tor", Poster in the USENIX symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI'10), San Jose, CA, April 2010.

- C. Castelluccia, M. A. Kaafar, P. Manils, D. Perito, "Geolocalization of Proxied Services and its Application to Fast-Flux Hidden Servers", In Proceedings of the ACM/Usenix Internet Measurement Conference (IMC 2009), Chicago, November 2009. pdf

- M. A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, C. Barakat. K. Salamatian, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Certified Internet Coordinates" In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, Track on Peer to Peer Networking, San Francisco, August 2009. pdf

-C.Castelluccia, M.A. Kaafar, "Owner-Centric Networking (OCN): Toward A Data Pollution-Free Internet.", Applications and the Internet, IEEE/IPSJ International Symposium on (SAINT 2009), FIST'09, Seattle, August, 2009. pdf

-C.Castelluccia, M. A. Kaafar,"Owner-Centric Networking: A New Architecture for
a Pollution-Free Internet
", In ERCIM News No.77, Special Theme on Future Internet Technology, April 2009. here

- A. Chaabane and M. A. Kaafar. Revisiting unstructured overlay network security. In Foundations & Practice Of Security workshop, Grenoble, June 2009.

-Y. Liao, M. A. Kaafar, B. Gueye, F. Cantin, P. Geurts and G. Leduc, " Detecting Triangle Inequality Violations in Internet Coordinate Systems by Supervised Learning", In Proc. of Networking 2009, May 2009, Aachen, Germany, LNCS, Springer. pdf

- M.A. Kaafar, F. Cantin, B. Gueye and G. Leduc, "Detecting triangle inequality violations for Internet coordinate systems, In Proceedings of Future Networks, Dresden, Germany, June 2009. pdf

- F. Cantin, B. Gueye, M.A.Kaafar and G.Leduc. "Overlay routing using coordinate systems", In Proceedings of ACM CoNext student workshop, 9 Dec 2008, Madrid, Spain.

- B. Gueye, F. Cantin, M. A. Kaafar, G. Leduc. "A Self-Organized clustering scheme for overlay networks" to appear in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Self-Organized Systems (IWSoS), 10-12 Dec 2008, Vienna, Austria, LNCS, Springer. pdf

- M. A. Kaafar, B. Gueye, F. Cantin, G. Leduc, and L. Mathy. "Towards a Two-tier Internet coordinate system to mitigate the impact of triangle inequality violations" In Proceedings of IFIP-TC6 Networking, Singapore, 2008. Lectures Notes in Computer Science, May 2008.pdf 

- M.A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, C. Barakat. K. Salamatian, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Securing Internet Coordinate Embedding Systems" In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2007, Kyoto, Japan, August 2007. 

also in SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review CCR online.pdf

- F. Cantin, M. A. Kaafar, B. Gueye, G. Leduc, L. Mathy. "Explication et réduction de l’impact des violations d’inégalités triangulaires dans Vivaldi", in CFIP 2008, Les arcs, 2008.

- M. A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, C. Barakat, K. Salamatian, T. Turletti, W. Dabbous, "Securing Internet Coordinate Systems, Invited paper at AINTEC 2007, Phuket, November 2007.

- M.A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Virtual Networks under Attack: Disrupting Internet Coordinate Systems", In Proceedings of the ACM/e-NEXT International Conference on Future Networking Technologies, CoNext 2006, Lisboa, Portugal, December, 2006. ACM Press. pdf

- C. Mrabet, M.A. Kaafar, F. Kamoun, "Wireless Alternative Best Effort service: A case study of ALM, In Proc. Of CoNext 2006 St. Workshop, Lisboa, December 2006.

- M.A. Kaafar, C. Mrabet, and T. Turletti. "A Topolopgy-aware overlay multicast approach for mobile ad-hoc networks", In Proceedings of the Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC), LNCS 4311, pp. 31–47, Bangkok, Thailand, November, 2006. pdf

- M.A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Real Attacks on Virtual Networks: Vivaldi out of tune", In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM workshop Large Scale Attack Defense (LSAD), Pisa, Italy, September 2006. ACM SIGCOMM, ACM Press. pdf

- M.A. Kaafar, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Un réseau de recouvrement multipoint passant à léchelle", In Proceedings of CFIP 2006, Tozeur, Tunisia, November 2006.

- C. Mrabet, M.A. Kaafar, and F. Kamoun. "Transmission applicative multipoint pour les réseaux ad-hoc", In Proceedings of CFIP 2006, Tozeur, Tunisia, November 2006.

- M.A. Kaafar, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "A Locating-First Approach for Scalable Overlay multicast", in Proceedings of IEEE IWQoS, New Haven,CT, USA, June 2006.pdf

Finalist for the best-student paper award.Certificate

- M.A. Kaafar, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "A Locating-First Approach for Scalable Overlay multicast", in Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM st. Workshop, Barcelona, April 2006.

- M.A. Kaafar, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "LCC: Scalablity in Topology-aware Overlays", Tech. Report RT-0314, Sophia Antipolis, November 2005.

- M.A. Kaafar, T. Turletti, and W. Dabbous. "Locate, Cluster and Conquer: A Scalable Topology-aware Overlay Multicast", In proceedings of the WG3 PhD workshop, Sophia Antipolis, September 2005.

- M.A.Kaafar, L. Benazzouz and F.Kamoun. "Test beds and experiments of a Kerberos-based authentication architecture for Wi-Fi networks". In proceedings of the IFIP-TC6 conference "Netcon 2004", palma de Mallorca, November 2004.

- M.A. Kaafar, L. Benazzouz, D. Males and F. Kamoun. "A Kerberos-based Authentication Architecture for Wireless LANs", In proceedings of the third IFIP-TC6 international conference on networking (Networking 2004), Athens, May 2004.

 Technical Reports

- P. Manils, A. Chaabane, S. Leblond, M. A. Kaafar, A. Legout, C. Castelluccia, and W. Dabbous. Compromizing tor anonymity exploiting p2p information leakage. Technical report,

- M. A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, C. Barakat, K. Salamatian, T. Turletti, W. Dabbous, Securing the distance Estimation phase of Internet Coordinate systems, Technical Report INRIA, http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00197605/en/

- M. A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, C. Barakat, K. Salamatian, T. Turletti, W. Dabbous, Securing Internet Coordinate System : Embedding Phase, Technical Report INRIA, http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00151257/fr/

- M. A. Kaafar, L. Mathy, T. Tureltti, W. Dabbous, Virtual Networks under Attack : Disrupting Internet Coordinate Systems, Technical Report INRIA, http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00085296/fr/

- M. A. Kaafar, T. Tureltti, W. Dabbous, Locate, Cluster and Conquer : A Scalable Topologyaware Overlay Multicast, Technical Report INRIA, http://hal.inria.fr/inria-00069866/fr/


M. A. Kaafar: Securing Internet Coordinate Systems. 2007.
PhD Thesis (pdf) in PLANETE project, INRIA Sophia Antipolis.

M.A. Kaafar: A Novel Kerberos-based Authentication Architecture for IEEE 802.11 Networks, Master Thesis, ENSI, 2004.