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Mohamed Ali (Dali) Kaafar
INRIA Rhone-Alpes,
Now at NICTA Sydney Australia

  dali.kaafar AT nicta.com.au

Research Projects

Autonomous Network Architecture


Open Networking Laboratory

Anomaly detection in overlay networks

Multi Service Access Everywhere


Network of Excellence in
Emerging Networking
Experiments and Technologies

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I am a permanent research scientist at INRIA Grenoble (Rhone-Alpes), and member of the Privatics team. I got my PhD at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. I am now a Principal Researcher at NICTA Sydney. I am intrested in Online Privacy and Security in Current Internet and Future (preferrably likely to happen) architectures of the Internet, Internet Measurement from different aspects and personalisation. Here you can find information about me and my research activities.

new     I'm now looking for highly motivated PhD Students and Post-docs to conduct research in Online Privacy/Security and Internet measurement at NICTA Sydney Australia. email dali.kaafar@nicta.com.au!
    • Well Done Team! Our paper "On the Geographical patterns of a Large-Scale Mobile Video-on-Demand System" is accepted in IEEE INFOCOM 2014
    • Congratulations Beri, Yuan and Ratan. Paper "A Closer Look at Third-Party OSN Applications: Are they Leaking Your Personal Information?" accepted in PAM 2014.
    • Well done Amit! Our paper "Cross Social Networks Interests Predictions Based on Graph Features" got in ACM RecSys'13.
    • Our paper "Holiday Pictures or Blockbuster Movies? Insights into Copyright
      Infringement in User Uploads to One-Click File Hosters" is accepted in the Research in Attacks, intrusions and Defenses (RAID) 2013 Symposium.
    • Our paper "On the Potential of Recommendation Technologies for Efficient Content Delivery Networks" will appear in next July'13 SIGCOMM CCR issue.
    • Our paper "Privacy in Content-Oriented Networking: Threats and Countermeasures" to appear in next SIGCOMM CCR issue. Stay tuned for the C-R version.
    • We got our paper "How much is too much: Leveraging Ads Audience Estimation to Evaluate Public Profile Uniqueness" accepted in PETS 2013
    • Our paper "On the effectiveness of Dynamic Taint Analysis for Monitoring Private Information on Android-based  Mobile Devices" is accepted in International Conference on Security and Cryptography: SECRYPT 2013.
    • Our paper "The where and when of finding new friends: analysis of a location-based social discovery network" is accepted in ICWSM 2013. Well-done Terence !
    • Our paper "A Genealogy of Information Spreading on Microblogs: a Galton-Watson-based Explicative Model" got accepted at Infocom 2013. Well done Dong and Hosung ! Congrats to all the team.
    • Our paper on "the PPTV Mobile VoD System" is accepted as a long paper in the Usenix/ACM Internet Measurement Conference IMC 2012
    • Our paper on ICMP blackholes' tracker is accepted in Globecom 2012.
    • We got a paper on Wi-Fi Privacy accepted in Military Communication Conference MilCom 2012
    • We got two papers in ACM SIGCOMM WOSN 2012. Congrats to Beri and Terence.
    • "Betrayed by your Ads!..." has been presented in PETS 2012.
    • Our paper "I know who you will meet this evening!..." has been presented in WoWMoM2012 ! Best Paper runner-up.
    • Our paper "You are What you Like!:..." has been presented in NDSS 2012 !
    • Our paper on Ephemeral Publishing has been presented at ICNP 2011.
    • "IP Geolocation Databases: Unreliable?", ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review April 2011.
    • How unique are your usernames?
      • Papers: "How Unique and Traceable are Usernames". Accepted in the 11th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2011) Best Student Paper Award
Research Interests : certainly among others...
  • Online Privacy
  • Network Security and Anomaly detection
  • Internet Measurements
  • Design and Implementation of robust communication protocols